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August 10, 2018



The new moon solar eclipse will happen on August 11, at 9.58am GMT.
It will be visible in Northern Europe and North-East Asia.

One of the most difficult things in life is to “let go”, because we have attachments. Attachments to the past. Attachment to food that are not good for us. Attachment to the wrong ideas. Attachment to jealousy, regrets, worries, anger, resentment. Even though our brain recognises that it is poisonous for us, it is difficult to let go.

From May this year, and especially in this eclipse season – solar eclipse in mid-July and the next one, and the total lunar eclipse on July 27 – we could uncover some of the things we are attached to, we were not aware of. Of course, we are the ones to decide whether we are going to let go of those attachments or not. To let go means to accept change. And that takes courage. If we have difficulty in letting go, the outside situation might force us to change, or become unbearable, or the onset of illness will come to show us that we will have to forcibly let go. The road is long and difficult, so even if it is not possible to completely let go of poisonous habits, if we can start by letting go a bit and take the steam out, we might be able to lessen the damage. Let us think about it until the end of this month and start acting from early September. For that action to be effective, let us go inside and meditate on those attachments. And any time is a good time to send gratefulness to everyone/everything. Om Shanti.