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August 24, 2018



The next full moon will happen on August 26, 2018 at 11.56am GMT.

In the material world we live in the concept of “profit” and “losses”.
Who gained, and who lost.
In our world, we tend to consider who gained is superior, and who lost is inferior.
But is it truly so?

Invisible abundance is everywhere around us but because our mind focuses mainly on “what is missing”, we may be unable to benefit from that abundance.

The theory of Karma tells us that eventually, the gain and the loss will break even.
There is no one who will only gain or only lose.
So if we can think and consider “I live in a world of abundance!” regardless of our material wealth, we are benefiting from it.

Is doing volunteer work or Karma Yoga a loss? Or a gain?
How do we value that?
Let us think about what we consider abundance until the next new Moon in two weeks. Om Shanti.