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January 19, 2019



The first Full Moon of 2019 will be a total lunar eclipse in Cancer, happening at 5.12am GMT on January 21.
It will be visible from North and South America, Europe and western Africa.
Until the middle of next week, we will need to exercise caution because people will tend to be emotional.
If you can ground yourself it would be a good time to do so, and if you are into Yoga, practicing Pranayama or Mantra Japa will help a lot energetically. If you have enough energy, it will be good to help others heal/relax/laugh so they can overcome negative emotions but be careful not to get trapped into those emotions yourself.
It is very important to keep one’s words and deeds as pure and correct as possible during this period. Even if someone does not agree with you, it will be good to let it go. Some secrets can also come out in the open. We can be confused or be trapped into illusions so let us double check reality as much as we can before getting emotional. Om Shanti.