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April 22, 2019

Full Moon in Libra April 19, 2019


The previous full moon happened on April 19 at 11.12am UTC.
(Apologies for the delay, I am aware this is already a few days ago but as this is something to think about prior to the next new moon, I am posting it all the same)

Our life depends on so many people who work on so many different levels.
Even if we think that we are pretty independent, we still rely on many people who work in the background, the bus driver or the airline pilot, the people who grow and collect and sell the food we eat, family and friends and teachers, and the list is endless.

We cannot live alone.
We are all limited in our sense of self through our cultural conditioning, we are of certain nationality, race, upbringing, environment, etc.
And furthermore we have our likes and dislikes of certain things and certain people, which will restrict our sense of self even more.

We all become attached to our sense of comfort but forget that the sense of comfort is created thanks to many people working behind it.

When we have a glimpse of understanding that all is one and that the others are ourselves, we start understanding our conditioning a bit better.

This is why a good starting point is to love oneself as we are. Not to feel sorry about ourselves or not to be complacent. Just have the correct view about who we are and to love that person. Om Shanti.