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May 3, 2019



The next New Moon will happen on May 4, 2019 at 10.46pm UTC in Aries, Bharani Nakshatra. The Moon will be at its darkest in the evening of Saturday 4th. Meditation or self-observation will be helpful at this time.

Many people tend to live life doing and thinking the same thing every day, so some people may think they are far from being creative or able to express their imagination fully.

Some tend to believe that creating a beautiful piece of art is necessary to be creative, but it is not necessarily so. Being creative may also mean getting out of a rut about how one or things should be, and trying things with a new perspective.

A little courage may be necessary to challenge our perspective to become someone different from who we thought we were.
Sometimes we get trapped into the idea of “how things should be” and become blind at all the possibilities that are offered to us.

This year’s transits will make us realise about what we need to let go of, in terms of ideas, things, what we think is right. We might try to understand our patterns and voluntarily let go of them with awareness or due to some circumstances, we may be forced to let go of our thought patterns.

The next fortnight is a good time to think about how to think creatively to get out of our rut. Then it might be possible to look at a new landscape we haven’t seen before. Om Shanti.