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October 12, 2015


The next new moon will happen on October 13, 2015 at 0:06GMT.

We live in a material world so we are, to a certain extent, ruled by the laws of materialism. We buy and own things we like, and sometimes we buy things we don’t even like but we want to own for public image, for safety, for the sake of owning it. What, and how much is enough in terms of materialism? It is important to think along those terms during this new moon.

Instead of being blinded by all things material (or the lack of it), we can focus on how we can help others. We do not need to becoming a full-time volunteer! We can hold a door to a person in need, we can smile to someone who needs comforting. This is an experience that money cannot buy. We can get creative in helping others, and we will find the courage to do so if it is with the right intention. How can I make a small difference in somebody else’s life? This is the meditation for the next two weeks.

Navaratri is a beautiful festival held for nine days, starting on October 13. We worship Shakti, or the Goddess energy.

For further information, please read my teacher Komilla Sutton’s article on Navaratri here

This is a very powerful time to honour Goddess Durga and our female power within. Let the Goddess help you find the strength and courage to cut off the ego and move forward to grow spiritually. Om Shanti.