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September 28, 2015


The full moon eclipse is now ongoing on 27/28 September 2015 depending on your location.
It is currently visible on the eastern part of the American continent, Europe and western part of the African continent.
The moon looks full and red, darkened due to the eclipse, this is why it is called a blood moon.

If the eclipse degree does not affect a personal natal chart, we may not necessarily feel it acutely. But if it affects a personal planet or sensitive degree, we may suddenly feel restless or anxious, or it may bring to the surface something that was hidden deep in the subconscious and trigger some upset.

We may not be personally affected but people around you may be more emotional than usual. Being mindful to those around us is recommended for the next few days.

For the next two weeks we celebrate the Pitris, or our forefathers.
Our physical body would not exist without our parents and our ancestral lineage.
We celebrate our forefathers and give thanks to them during this period. Om Shanti.