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August 29, 2019



The next new moon happens on August 30, 2019, at 10h37 UTC in Leo, Magha Nakshatra.
When we are under acute stress, we have the tendency to instinctively stop breathing and gasp for air. Our breath becomes shallow. And we waste our energy, which is called Prana in Sanskrit.
When we have less energy, not only our body gets affected but we tend to take more time to react, we may think negatively or we are prone to make the wrong decisions or react instinctively and automatically to situations without thinking.
When we take in Prana by breathing properly, our body is well replenished in energy, we can think more clearly in a detached manner and our intuition works better. We can become more creative when trying to find a solution, thanks to the energy we have.
So we have to remember that we need some energy to be able to think creatively. When we are stressed, exhausted or ill, it is difficult to make the right call. We can get angry or depressed which doesn’t help in achieving some peace of mind.
First thing first – please be mindful of your breath on this new moon and regularly take a few minutes to breathe deeply. Air gives you Prana, but if you can be in nature or outside in the Sun, it is even better as both are natural sources of Prana. Once we take care of ourselves and take time to replenish ourselves with some energy, only then we can think creatively. Om Shanti.