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August 14, 2019



The next full moon will happen at 12.29pm UTC on August 15, 2019, in Capricorn, Dhanishta Nakshatra.

One of the most difficult things in life is how to deal with other people.

The people who are around us are different from ourselves. It sounds obvious, but when considering the behaviour of another person, people will normally base their “judgement” on themselves. Which means that, if the other person behaves in a way that does not match with our own, we try to match it with ours. If another person behaves in a way that is not “good” or “right” for us, he/she will become a nuisance and we will do our best to steer that person into the “right” direction.

But if we can go beyond these differences, and manage to cooperate, we can give birth to a wonderful situation, full of abundance. If we can ask for help to somebody who is better at doing something, we can tap into resources that will create some goodness in both parties. Entrusting a task to someone else is difficult for people who want to control everything themselves. It is also difficult for people who have a hard time with acceptance, as entrusting something to someone means that we will have to receive somebody else’s energy as a result.

Whoever is in our life right now is someone with whom we had some past life connection and/or who teaches us something. When we deal with someone, once we go past any superficial difference, what is this person trying to teach us? What is the best way for us to connect with others? What kind of light is this person bringing to ourselves so that we can see who we are? What are we able to receive right now? The fortnight from this full moon is a good time to think along those lines. Whether we are able to make the most of the teaching or whether we will turn it into something to poison ourselves is entirely up to us. Om Shanti.