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November 25, 2015


The next full moon will happen on November 25, at 22h34 GMT, in sidereal Taurus. This full Moon is referred to as Kartik Purnima, as it happens during the month of Kartik. The Moon is exalted in Taurus so it is a rich, abundant full Moon.

The auspiciousness of this full moon may not be felt fully outright, as this year it is aspected by Saturn and Rahu, and the ruler of Taurus and dispositor of this full moon, Venus is currently debilitated in Virgo. This is the time to honour what we have and the good luck we all get. We all tend to focus on what we do not have but now is the time to practice contentment. You may also note that it would be best if you could be mindful of what you eat until the next new moon – it will be an indicator for the blessings, health and energy issues. Om Shanti.