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December 11, 2015


The last new moon of 2015 will happen at 10h30 UTC on December 11.

When we look back some time after an ordeal, many people may realise that thanks to that difficulty, I am who I am today.

For people on the path of spiritual growth, life may not be only fun and drinks and parties.

Looking back too much into the past is not necessarily a positive thing to do, but if we briefly look back to the last new moon of 2014 that happened a year ago, don’t you think that – maybe just a little or maybe a lot – you have more love within you, you are more compassionate and more grown spiritually?

If you thought yes, that’s wonderful! If you didn’t, it may be possible to find some hints in your natal chart or in the planetary transits of the moment.

As we are born as a human being, everybody experiences opportunities to change. There might be positive changes, or in some cases, seemingly negative changes. But change is unavoidable. Once we truly understand this, we can be rid of obsession or attachment. But if we try to cling on the circumstance we are now or if we resent what is happening or if we become jealous of people/situation, it can bring suffering.

It is human nature to think “it is the other person’s fault”. But we all make our own choices on how to react. May 2016 be a year our soul will rejoice even more. Instead of erasing the darkness, focus on making your light shine brighter. Then you will have more love, and darkness will be dispelled automatically. Why not declare your intention at this last new moon of the year? Om Shanti.