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March 22, 2020

New Moon in Pisces March 24, 2020


The next New Moon happens on March 24, 2020, at 9.28 am UTC in Pisces. The Nakshatra is Uttara Bhadra.

First of all, I would like to wish a quick recovery to anyone currently affected by the virus and send my deepest respect to all the medical personnel out there who are working day and night to save the patients. The struggle of the people affected all over the world is beyond imagination, and I heartfully pray for closure in the nearest future possible.

This New Moon is an excellent timing to take a step back and try to look at our personal situation objectively, which ultimately will help the collective.
(The next new moon on April 23 is a time to start something new, so until then is a time to take care of oneself while taking a step back from the confusion).

The global situation is so unprecedented, and with so much uncertainty regarding the closure of the outbreak that many people must be exhausted thinking about their health, or the future economic situation around the world, in the midst of a collective consciousness based on anxiety and fear.

Normally, people think with their head, based on one’s yardstick or standards.
For example, the normal pattern of thought is “because previously it was like this, it will be the same this time around”.
But what the earth is currently experiencing on a global scale is something that we cannot measure with our “normal” standards.

Many people have been dispensing information freely. There is a flooding of information about what to do to be safe, not to become infected, who is at risk and who is not, or because this is happening now, the future will be like this.
We are asked, “what are you going to believe in?”.
What we believe might be conditioned by what we have believed so far, or what we want to believe.
But we are asked to assess the true value of what we believe in. Not to automatically believe in something because we believed so in the past, or not because we want to believe, but to closely examine if the information is of value to us or not.

Because we live in a period of uncertainty, now is a great time to live mindfully in the present. Now is the time to live with nature. The northern hemisphere is going towards spring now. Let us enjoy the sunshine when we can, receive the energy from the new blossoms and fresh greenery and learn from the resilience of Mother Nature.

Worries will disappear if we live each day mindfully – enjoy the flowers of the day, take care of ourselves, read the book we always wanted to read, clean the place we always wanted to clean, do something creative or artistic we didn’t do because we were “so busy”, do Yoga or Pranayama daily. When we are worried, our breath becomes shallow, so let us take some time to do some deep breathing. If we take less time to watch the news, if we take less time to think about the future, but if we take care of ourselves as we are now, we will have fewer worries. Of course, it is not easy not to feel any worry these days. But we have to be conscious that anxiety and worries lower our capacity for right judgment and also negatively impact our immune system.

So let us use our discerning power to filter what we believe in, and take in what we feel is positive for us today. Let us continue what we have to do for the next 24 hours, every day. The current planetary configuration gives us enough strength, courage and stability. One thing is certain – by the end of this struggle, we will emerge transformed. Even if we do not see the end of the outbreak, let us not become anxious based on our automatic pattern, but instead let us create new positive patterns using our creativity and imagination. This is an opportunity to create a serenity that will not be affected by what comes next. Om Shanti.