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April 7, 2020

Full Moon in Virgo April 8, 2020


The next full moon will happen on April 8, 2020, at 2.35 am in Virgo, Chitra Nakshatra.
As Virgo is an intellectual and analytical sign, I will ask a few questions that may give some clues to what we ought to think for the next two weeks.
In the media, we often see statements like “I hate the coronavirus” or “once the vaccine will be ready, we will win the war against COVID-19”.
Do you hate the coronavirus?
Is the coronavirus your enemy?
Do we have to win the war against COVID-19?
Do you hate China because the virus originated there?
What would you think if it originated in your own country and people start hating where you are from?
However and wherever it started, the virus itself is something that is part of nature. So hating it will not solve the issue.
We like what (we think) is good for us. We hate what (we think) is not good for us. Hate and aversion lower the immune system. Shall we be more mindful of our words and feelings?
People must be tense, knowingly or unknowingly. It is a time when our shoulders may be stiff because of tension.
Are you doing something you really like? Or taking long baths?
Is there anything that makes you smile? Do you laugh? Do you breathe properly?
Are you able to digest the food you eat? Is there any part of the body where the energy is stuck?
Have you connected with nature lately?
Until the end of July is a good time to be mindful of the food we eat. Why don’t we try to cook something we haven’t tried before?
And what would you want to do as soon as this situation is over?
The new moon in two weeks is an excellent timing to start something new, to innovate our thought process and to start healing.
Until then, let us not focus on the future but on the present, whoever is tired please rest your mind and body, whoever have energy can help whoever they can help and share their time and resources, and live mindfully in the now, every day. Om Shanti.