January 9, 2016


The first new moon of 2016 will happen at 1h31 GMT on January 10.

From a Vedic astrology perspective, we will see a long period where we can easily feel trapped into feelings of fear, frustration or suspicion, until around October time. The world is currently facing instability caused by various terrorist attacks, refugee situations, etc. We might think we are not concerned because it is happening in another country, to other people, but that could happen to any of us. Please be careful not to let fear and suspicion overshadow your life but keep the light of love alive in your heart. Many people have all sorts of agenda – selfishness, obsession over power, insatiable greed – to provoke hatred so that people will fight each other, because that serves their purpose. Take time to check if you are not influenced by those people’s ideas.

So throughout this year, be aware of this. We do not necessarily need to be politically active or to be vocal – but there is something called the collective consciousness. If everybody feels fearful, the fear will become like some kind of epidemic and it will ripple across the entire world. Be conscious that there is a potential for a climate of fear and suspicion and do not let it run your life. Choose your thought, choose your words. If you can, please take a few minutes of your time to send love to earth and to the people in need in this difficult time. And to yourself. Love yourself first in order to heal the world. This is really needed in difficult times when it’s easy to point fingers elsewhere to blame for unhappiness. Never forget that true happiness is within you. Be content and grateful. And never forget that the simple fact of being able to connect to Facebook is already a great blessing in itself. Om Shanti.