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January 22, 2016

Full moon in Cancer January 24, 2016

The first full moon of 2016 will happen at 1h46 UTC on January 24.
The energy of the year 2016 is complex. From January 30 until August 12, Jupiter (Guru) will conjunct Rahu (north node of moon) in Leo siderially.
From February 20 until September 18, except for a short break, Mars will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

When Jupiter is with Rahu, people may become egotistical or greedy. What is important is to be aware of this energy.
If we are aware and compassionate, there is no need to worry. As Guru is the Dharmic teacher and Rahu gives illusions or hidden knowledge, you may see this tendency around you or in society, you may hear about stories of fraud, deceit, or spiritual teachers on the wrong path. On the other hand you can deepen your knowledge in incredible ways. The choice is yours!

Saturn and Mars have opposite qualities. Saturn rules restrictions, control and caution, Mars rules outgoing and transformational energy, action and short temper. Both of these planets contain angry energy, Saturn has a deep seated, resentful anger and Mars has a quick flaring, burning anger. The keywords here are awareness and understanding. This conjunction will allow you to understand what makes you frustrated or upset. This planetary conjunction will produce a tremendous amount of energy – so we can use it to direct to something constructive, like something you wanted to do for a long time but never really started. Some examples could be thoroughly cleaning the house or getting rid of things, taking care of yourself, writing a book or creating something. It might not be as smooth as you might want and prove to be frustrating because of the planetary energy but if you take your time and proceed step by step, the result will follow.

During this period, you might see people who are upset, angry or egotistical around you. You can either avoid them, or if that is not possible, let us remind ourselves to be compassionate towards those who are acting with no awareness of the planetary energy.

This full moon is beautiful and bountiful. Let us imagine that we can sail through this year’s energy in a smooth way. Placing this intention will set a good course for the months to come. Om Shanti.