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August 2, 2020

Full Moon in Capricorn August 3/4, 2020


The next Full Moon will happen in Capricorn at 3.58 pm on August 3, 2020 UTC. The Nakshatra is Shravana.

The only certainty we have at the moment is that there is no definitive information on COVID-19.However, many people are spreading all sorts of information that they believe in, that serves their purpose or that they believe is true.
Our head and heart are completely saturated with the information out there.

The Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion where the Full Moon takes place is Shravana and the symbol is the ear.
It is also called the “Nakshatra of Silence”. Before the Full Moon, when the Moon is receiving very little light, let us try to disconnect from the outside noise and listen to the silence of the Universe. What we will hear may not be what we like to hear but if we keep on listening, maybe we will be able to understand what we need to believe in and what we have to do right now.

If we feel we are confused by illusions, if our mind is restless, or if we don’t know what to believe in, let us do something that helps ourselves or others. That is the best “antidote”. Om Shanti.