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August 18, 2020

New Moon in Leo August 18/19, 2020


The next new moon happens on August 19, 2020, at 2.41 am UTC in Leo, Magha Nakshatra.
For the next four weeks, where we place our intention will significantly change the situation.

I have read an article where tons of microplastics are contained in the rain.
There are many intentions we have to place on the earth level.
But that all starts with individual consciousness.

We human beings tend to think we can control our own environment.
Once we realise that it is not possible, we start irrationally thinking about the outcome and maybe panic. What each and everyone can do with awareness is now at stake.

What should be the basis of our own thinking and action? If we can get rid of our habitual way of thinking and wonder what we can do on a personal level, each and everyone’s individual action will become a big wave.

But the fear of death is more pervasive than we think and many people’s reaction is based on that.
We might be holding our breath and not breathing properly at this point which helps create more fear within us.
A lot of hate is spread – hate of COVID-19, of people who “we think” disseminate the virus – which create more fear.  So it is a good time to stop and try to review our subconscious thinking behind our action.  Maybe we just need to take care of ourselves first because we realise we have been frozen in fear. If we can understand the mechanism, it will help us place the “right” intention.

Let us be careful not to impose our righteousness onto others, but just start by a small action. The coming month is really helpful to review our thoughts and deeds. Let us use it well. Om Shanti.