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March 22, 2016


The next full moon will happen on Wednesday 23 March, at 12h01GMT.

This is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in parts of Asia and Eastern Russia, Oceania, Pacific Ocean, North America, part of South America. As it is a penumbral eclipse, the moon will only go a bit fainter.

The solar eclipse on March 9 was quite powerful, wasn’t it? It was quite “destabilising” to many, myself included. But what is stability, really? The American Heritage English dictionary says that one of the definitions of “stable” is “resistant to change of position or condition; not easily moved or disturbed”. So the more resistance to change we have, the more “destabilising” it was!

Eclipses bring out our hidden fears to the surface, so sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zone to bring back our peace of mind. This moon eclipse has the possibility to churn our mind even more if we do not pay attention to take time to rest and heal. Once we fall in the water, if we move our body chaotically we will panic even more. If we stop moving our body, it will float back automatically.

Eclipses can also bring impulsion and urges, making us think “if only we do this (divorce, quit our job, move out, etc.), everything will be alright” but will it be really? It is not necessarily a time to act as some of the light is shadowed, meaning that all the information may not be revealed to us at this time and also, with Saturn turning retrograde at the same time, things may not move as quickly as we impulsively want. So let us wait until the troubled water becomes clear again to listen to our intuition. Om Shanti.