Blog / Jyotish
March 6, 2016


The next new moon will happen on March 8/9 depending on your location (1h55 UTC on Mar. 9).
This is also a total solar eclipse, visible over Indonesia to the Pacific Ocean.
We will experience mixed, unstable energy a few days before and after this total solar eclipse time, so it is more suitable for looking inward (with activities such as quiet reflection, meditation, mantra, slow yoga), rather than starting something new in the material world. It is also a good timing to clean up and let go of anything that we don’t need anymore – be it material or non-material things.
This is also a period where you might experience impulsive emotions like “I have to do this NOW”, or dissatisfaction, jealousy type of urges. But once the solar and lunar eclipses (lunar eclipse on March 23) are over, (we won’t experience new ones before September) our priorities might shift and think “why on earth was I thinking like that?!”. The urges we feel now can arise from our subconscious, deep-seated fears and anxieties, so we can watch internally – maybe this will be a clue to hidden emotions and energies within.
The position of the planets on this solar eclipse is quite powerful. It has a potential to bring transformation but at the same time, it can bring great resistance to change. It takes courage to overcome resistance. It doesn’t matter if it is only a little courage – but those who bring intention to transform the negative into the positive will be able to change at one’s own level and pace. Resistance can also manifest in the form of urges, anger or frustration. This is why understanding the root of those emotions is very important now. If you see frustrated, angry or aggressive people around you, they may unconsciously manifest their resistance to the outside world.
The natal chart does not change from birth to death. When people live life on automatic mode, we will continue experiencing the negative characteristics such as anger, worries, urges. It is all about realising about those negative patterns and with which awareness do we live everyday in order to improve ourselves. This understanding will promote spiritual growth. Vedic astrology is a great tool to make us understand those patterns. When the eclipse degree falls on one’s Sun (people with birthdays around the eclipse date), Moon, Ascendant or Ascendant lord, it will be an important transformational period for them.
Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated on the night of March 7. Maha Shivaratri is the “great night of Shiva”. It is a truly effective timing to shift the negativity within to positive patterns but this year it is even more powerful as it is combined with an eclipse. In India some people will fast and chant mantra all night, but we can of course adapt it to our own lifestyle and think about one’s life patterns on that night. Om Shanti.