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April 18, 2015


New moon on April 18, 2015 at 18h57GMT.
It’s a time for a fresh start. People in the northern hemisphere are experiencing a renewal of the seasons, people in the southern hemisphere are heading towards autumn/winter.

You might have experienced some changes or turmoil during the eclipse month in March, but if you noticed a shift or anything you would like to try, now is the time for a brand new start.

It is a fresh, lively energy so it might be a bit careless, or overhasty and cause misunderstanding or you might feel frustrated and angry that things are not going quite as quickly as you might want, but tail wind is definitely here – so it is time to sail with the wind and try something new.
But while doing something, if you knowingly or unconcsiously become a victim and say “why do I have to be the one doing all the hard work?” or “if I do all the chores everybody else will be happy”, that would affect your energy too. What kind of activity does your soul feel happy with? Not only on the superficial or material level, but at the core level? If you already know what it is, please go ahead! If you are still searching, please raise your antenna for catching all the necessary information to go towards that path. Only then you will be able to provide happiness to yourself and to others around you.
It will be a positive two-week period until next full moon for communication and passing on information.
The keyword of this new moon is “healing”. When one does something, energy becomes necessary. Money is energy, and energy is actually like money savings. If you have energy in your energy account, when you want to do something you can jump in straight away. But if the account is zero or in the red, one has to start by building up energy before starting something. How to maintain your energy account positive? What kind of healing is necessary for replenishing your energy? This definition of healing is quite broad. It involves healing provided by energy healers or massage and various therapists, but also for example you might say “my energy gets replenished when I walk in nature”, “my energy gets replenished when I sleep”, “my energy gets replenished when I read good books”, so many things are possible. Please think about this and act! Worrying, saying bad things about other people, feeling guilty, all negative things depletes your energy. “Am I currently replenishing or depleting my energy?” is a good thing to regularly check. Just being aware, helps. Creativity is also favoured now, so you might come up with ideas that you didn’t come up with before. Please give it a try!
Learning is still favoured – if you want to start learning something, now is the time. Starting before mid-July is a great timing but otherwise set your intention tonight at this new moon for the success of your learning. Even if you still haven’t met the teacher of your choice, ask to meet the best teacher for you.
April 21 is Akshya Tritiya, the only day of the year when Sun and Moon are both exalted. It is a very auspicious day to start something.
As I have repeatedly said, your wishes are going to be fulfilled around this time. Set your intentions. But if you wish something negative, you will attract something negative. Please be very aware of this. Om Shanti.