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April 3, 2015


April 4, 2015 around 12h00UTC a full moon total lunar eclipse will happen.

The Moon will be totally eclipsed for about five minutes, making it the shortest eclipse in this century. It will be visible in most of North and South America, Pacific area, Australia/NZ, most of Asia. As the time eclipse is quite short, the effect will be immediate. The time around an eclipse is a time of introspection and not to start anything material or outwardly. The influence of the eclipse may also change the circumstances or bring a change of mind.

Mercury is close to the eclipse degree so it favours having a bigger vision rather than down-to-earth, practical communication/thinking. It is not about starting the big vision immediately but to plant seeds in one’s heart. The fortnight to the new moon may bring further changes – the next new moon on April 18 is definitely a better timing to start something new.

Until May 4 we see a very strong, impulsive Mars. Things may not go as quickly as one would want, and bring frustration. There is a lot of energy available but if directed towards a negative direction, it may bring arguments or aggressive behaviour. Anyone can become emotionally angry or aggressive – the key is to recognise and be aware that we have this thought. Once we are aware, we can let it go.

The keyword for this full moon is “to achieve what we aim and place it in our hands”. As I wrote for the last new moon, it’s truly a case of “be careful what you wish for” – we may get anything positive or negative. So now is the time to wish for positive things. What do you want to “place in your hands”?

On April 8, Jupiter will resume its direct motion. Jupiter represents Guru or the teacher among other keywords and things related to knowledge will become active again. As he will be exalted until mid-July, now is the time to look for some knowledge to improve ourselves. I hope this will be an opportunity to let go of some fear and worries and get some positive thoughts, feelings, circumstances. Om Shanti.