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October 30, 2020

New Moon in Virgo October 16, 2020

The next New Moon happens on October 16, 2020, at 7.31 pm in Virgo, Chitra Nakshatra.

This is the second New Moon in Virgo in two months – it is unusual to have two lunations happening in the same sign two months in a row.

At the last New Moon in Virgo in September, I wrote about making practical decisions, and on the last Full Moon in Pisces earlier this month I mentioned about adding a direction to the practical considerations.

This New Moon offers an opportunity to adjust our course of action. If everything is going well, there’s no need to change anything. But as both Mars and Mercury are retrograde right now, there might be some things that need to be improved. Once we have this thought in mind, the fortnight from this New Moon to the next Full Moon will provide opportunities to shift our thought and the Full Moon in two weeks will provide the creative spin to it.

What we need to be careful about during this time is to “hope to attain perfection or to spend one’s time complaining”.

Many of us look for a perfect job, a perfect partner, a perfect home, which is “perfect” according to their own needs but is that perfect state attainable in the first place? Not being able to attain it, people get disappointed, angry or stop looking up. Also, anyone can feel dissatisfied and be disgruntled at times but if we keep on complaining and lamenting over, we end up becoming completely negative and having a hard time getting out of it.

At times like this, when there are so many uncertainties, we are prone to feel anxious, especially when thinking about the months or years ahead. However, especially at times like this, let us not focus on how things should have been in the past, or how things ought to be in the future, but in what we can do every single day. We can increase our merit by maintaining daily awareness and continuing our efforts. As a result, we will get closer to where we want to be. Om Shanti.