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November 14, 2020

New Moon in Libra November 15, 2020

The next Libra New Moon will happen on November 15, 2020, at 5.07 am UTC, in Vishakha Nakshatra.

Imagine you are driving a car.
If you are cruising along fine to your destination, then everything is fine.

But sometimes, we may take the wrong route because we were distracted or we didn’t have the proper map. So we need to reverse. But a car needs some space to reverse, and also, we also need to make sure that nobody is coming from the front or from behind us. We slow down, find a good place to reverse, place our car so we can get back on the road, and stop, because we need to check where we are going, and also we need to make sure that other cars on the roads are safe enough by our manoeuvre.

On this New Moon, we are at this “stop” moment. We need to reflect on which direction we want to head forward to right now. Some people, as they were slowing down, have already figured out which way to go and can restart their journey peacefully. Some people may be in a hurry, frustrated that they have lost a chunk of time, took much time to find a place to reverse as they were driving very fast, so they may not be careful enough when going back on the road. Some people may be completely lost and may have to stop for a longer time to figure out what to do.

Timing-wise, figuring out that we may have lost our way was early September of this year, the stop is now, going back on course will be sometime between now and late December, depending on how we managed to assess the situation.

If we need to take some time to assess the situation, let us take a deep breath and just do that. Because the next set of Full and New Moon are eclipses and can bring some instability, we may end of being more confused. Being confused on the road is, as everyone has experienced at some point, a possible cause for an accident. So, however frustrating the current time may be, we can strive to plant some good seeds in our heart and wait.

I wrote earlier “If you are cruising along fine to your destination, then everything is fine”.
But be also aware that even if you are fine, there may be some reckless drivers out there who are lost on their way. So, caution is advised. Drive safely!

This New Moon coincides with Diwali, which is a time for new beginnings. May Goddess Lakshmi shower you with her blessings. Om Shanti.