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December 12, 2020

New Moon/Solar Eclipse December 14/15, 2020

The next New Moon/Solar Eclipse happens in Scorpio at 4.16 pm UTC on December 14, 2020, Jyestha Nakshatra.

By undergoing experiences of hardship early in life or by past Karma, our mind creates a sense that life is difficult. We feel one cannot be happy without money, one cannot be happy without a partner, one cannot be happy without a purpose, which imprinting can cause one’s potential to shrink. But to get rid of those preconceived ideas and to start believing that one can be content without money, without a partner or a purpose, we need some courage to transform ourselves.

In Hindu mythology, there is an Asura called Raktabija, who received the boon that when a drop of his blood falls on the ground, a new Raktabija is born. Goddess Durga was in a fierce battle with this demon but she was struggling as a multitude of Raktabijas were born on the spot. Goddess Kali joined the battle and she cleverly started drinking the demon’s blood and won the battle. We have to keep the reasons why we think we are not happy in check, otherwise, they tend to multiply like the demon. 

This solar eclipse may make us aware of the seeds of what we perceive as our unhappiness. But once we become aware, we will know in which direction to gradually move forward. To assess whether this is true unhappiness or not, we may have to radically change what we have been thinking so far. This takes time, we will have to let go of our belief, we need to study to understand and to put some efforts and discipline to purify our mind. Goddess Kali is within us. Peace of mind awaits after the victory. Om Shanti.