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January 2, 2022

New Moon in Sagittarius January 2/3, 2022

The first New Moon of 2022 will take place on January 2 at 6.33 pm UTC, 18 degrees 10 in Sagittarius, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, Virgo Navamsha.

New year resolutions are a great thing but they can also be tricky.
Expectations can be dangerous. We tend to project ourselves into what we are not and then get disappointed because we are not able to keep the promise we made to ourselves.

Currently, Saturn is strong and keeps us grounded and realistic. But Venus is still retrograde so it is in the process of refining how we want to be. So it is a good thing to remain flexible as to how we want our year to evolve as our priorities may still shift. Better yet – it is a great time to review our resolutions so we can try to understand what are the underlying issues why we want what we want. That will help to clear the illusion we carry within us and purify our mind further.

For example, let’s say our new year’s resolution is to lose weight. We may dig deeper into the reasons why we think we want to lose that weight. Is it for health reasons? Is it to please other people? Is it for self-confidence issues? The reasons may vary and shed some light on why we think we are what we are not. Om Shanti.