October 25, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra October 25, 2022

The next New Moon is a Solar Eclipse happening on Tuesday 25 October at 10.48 am UTC, 7deg49 Libra, Swati Nakshatra.
Diwali is the Festival of Light celebrated on this new moon.

I try to remain as independent as possible in order to do what I want to do.
In order to do this, I am sacrificing a few things.
For example, I work as a freelancer so I have no guarantee of income.
But I have no boss who bullies me and I can choose the work I do.

However, something I have to be painfully aware of is that all this would never be possible without other people’s support and cooperation.
I am part of a larger whole and we all live together.

Because what we experience today is a Solar Eclipse, we may not be able to see clearly the borderline.
What should we sacrifice and what should we choose to remain a person of integrity?
This is not a time to act on those things but those are the questions to ask when we are presented with tricky situations.

Please remember that the next Full Moon in two weeks will be a Lunar Eclipse.
This fortnight is going to be a bit unstable so let us look within and try not to get taken by illusions. Om Shanti.