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November 29, 2016

New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 29, 2016

The next new moon will happen at 12h18 GMT on Tuesday 29 November.
Now is the dark of the moon, just before the new moon, when the moon receives no light. It is the most delicate, subtle and sensitive time of the month. In Sanskrit, we call this lunar day just before the new moon “Amavasya”. Amavasya is a time to pray to the Pitris or the forefathers to send gratefulness.

In this message I often mention the word “transformation”. There are many levels of transformation. There are external transformation, such as cutting your hair or going through a makeover. If we go one step further, there are transformation such as losing weight because we change our diet to food that is good for us. This is about external change, but also this includes an additional step where you research what is good for you. When you find out that what you like is not necessarily good for you, it’s up to you to make the choice.

And there is transmutation, based on one’s deep inner reflection. Some people may reach this state because of something external that happened to them, or some people may reach this state on their own. The difference between transformation and transmutation is that transmutation indicates a new permanent state where you cannot go back from. Even if you lose weight, if you return to your old habits you might gain the weight back again. Hair will grow back. So, transmutation is not an easy thing. Maybe there is a painful and difficult path you have to go through. But transmutation also means liberation. And looking back, you have gone through some kind of transmutation already. For people who chose to walk this path, courage is available. Why not think about transmutation as this New Moon can give you an insight into it? Two weeks later, a beautiful shoot may sprout from the mud. Om Shanti.