February 20, 2023

New Moon in Aquarius February 20, 2023

The Next Moon happens at 7deg11 Aquarius, at 7:06 UTC on 20 February 2023. The nakshatra is Shatabishak, Sagittarius Navamsha.

All of us are on the journey of life.
Some of us have energy, while others live on the verge of drowning. Most people are somewhere in between.

If we have lots of energy, this is a promising new moon to consider how we can positively contribute to society.
People who feel lost should first look for people and groups that can support them.

Those in between should think about increasing their energy. To do this, try to be aware of the energy wasted by worrying or being angry. Knowing our energy level is very helpful for us and others. Furthermore, we can try to find gratefulness daily.

When we have more energy and are less caught up in the details, we can look to contribute to society.
But it can be very difficult for us and others if we try to help others when we don’t have energy.
We have two more years to think about how we can contribute to helping others.
In the meantime, let us think about how we can replenish our own energy. I am travelling in India, visiting temples, and having great chats with friends. This is how I replenish my energy. Om Shanti.