Blog / Jyotish
December 14, 2016


The full moon happened at 00h06 UTC on December 14. The full Moon is exalted so for the coming two weeks, you might be able to find what you were looking for or have your wishes come true. Please make sure that your wishes are not purely materially driven or only coming from your ego.

On December 19 Mercury will turn retrograde, and may bring some communication issues and confusion until January 8. We should aim at stating our needs clearly at this time. People who are planning to travel during the holidays need to double check their travel details and allow enough time to move around just in case. From Christmas until the end of the year, our mind can become a bit restless but there are many things we can become aware of at this time. The next new moon is on the 29th. In order to welcome 2017 on a clean slate, let us try to clean the mirror of our mind first, until the new moon. By doing this we will clean our mind and we will be able to plant many new seeds for the new year. Om Shanti.