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February 17, 2015


The next new moon will happen on February 18 or 19, depending on your location.

The symbol for this new moon is wealth. Wealth has a monetary connotation of course, but we can also think about spiritual wealth. What kind of intangible wealth should we try to accumulate for our and the world’s well-being? Money is of course necessary to live, and I am not in any way underestimating it. But we tend to look for money and material wealth as a means of adding self-worth and disregard the other invisible wealth, more enriching than the material one.

So for the next two weeks, let us aim at accumulating a bit more intangible spiritual wealth, through good company and friendship, and Dharmic actions.

Shivaratri, or the night for Shiva, is celebrated tonight. Please read what Komilla wrote about this festival.

Until mid-March we are experiencing a transit where the Fire and Water elements are very strong in the chart. Water is about unlimited flow of love and Fire is about burning the impurities. These two elements are usually considered incompatible as the water puts out the fire, but there is a positive use of this energy. Great universal love is available during this time, but water can become murky or muddy quickly. We can either choose to burn the unnecessary and heighten pure love. Or waste the energy by fanning the fire to try to attain impossible heights. The choice is ours. Om Shanti.