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May 13, 2018



The next new moon will happen on Tuesday 15 May at 2.48am GMT in Taurus.

The symbol for this new moon is “fire”.
Fire allows one to be cleansed and live one’s passion but if uncontrolled, it can burn off and/or burn out. There is always a positive and a negative side to everything. For the coming two weeks, we need to think how to control the fire without quenching it, and how to make the most of the fire within us.

In the Vedas, the Fire God is called Agni. Agni is the messenger who brings oblations from fire rituals such as Homa to the Gods. Approximately six months from now, on November 23, 2018, there is a full moon in Taurus. Something starts on the new moon, something gets completed on the full moon. If one states one’s intention on this new moon, if the intention is appropriate and rightly timed, the full moon might bring some result. Om Shanti.