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May 29, 2018



The next Full Moon is on May 29, 2018 at 2.20pm GMT.
The theme for this Full Moon is friendship.

True friends are a real blessing. The number of friends or distance does not matter. Some can be called best friends, some are closer to an “acquaintance”. Some people are happy and bright like the Sun and people are attracted to them naturally, so the person has many friends. Some people treasure a few but very close friends. Some people needs many friends to avoid the feeling of loneliness, or keep their friends just by fear of saying no. When we do not value ourselves properly, sometimes our friends will show it to us.

As we grow, the nature of friendship may change over time. Some people leave us as we change, or sometimes we have to let go of them. Meeting special friends can naturally become like a Satsang. Or as we grow, we cannot relate to people we used to be so close with anymore.

Unlike family members, we can choose our own friends. What kind of friends do we have, and what is friendship for us? Let us think about this until the next new moon. Om Shanti.