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July 31, 2015


The next full moon will happen on July 31, 2015.

Venus has just gone retrograde and Mars has just started its debilitation period – they may have brought some “unstable weather”.

Retrogradation of a planet means that normally they seem moving towards one direction on the ecliptic but due to the position of the earth and the sun, a planet seen from the earth apparently stops and moves backwards.

When a planet goes retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to reflect and think over the meaning of the planet itself. For example, Venus rules love, relationship, food, money, wife or equivalent partner for a man, beauty and art, etc. And depending on the personal natal chart, it can mean many other different things.

Venus will be retrograde until September 6 so we will take a bit more than a month to review those matters.

For example, during a Venus retrograde we can see partners from the past resurfacing. It can lead to getting back together again but more often than not, it gives us the understanding why the separation happened in the first place.

Venus retrograde happens once every two years so this is not a rare occurrence. Every two years, it makes us review whatever happened in the past. Planets other than the Sun and the Moon all retrograde at some point, the frequency, length in time and the meaning depend on the planet.

The debilitation of Mars also happens approximately once every two years. Every planet has a sign where it feels comfortable and one where it is not. Mars, the planet of war and celibacy is not comfortable transiting in the mother/family-oriented sign of Cancer. This is not about good or bad, every situation is about how to make the most of the energy. If one tries to “fight” a war during this period, however “righteous” it is, it might be difficult to move forward. Mars is the planet of energy as well so what would be favoured would be for example looking within with meditation or doing things like yoga that does not involve competing with other people.

Mars is also a planet that represents anger. Mars in Cancer can be related with repressed anger so becoming aware and releasing it with inner reflection would be a good idea.

Saturn’s retrogradation will end in a few days and will restart going direct. Saturn was retrograde since mid-March this year. Saturn being a slow planet, it will remain on the same degree throughout August.

Those three factors make it difficult to move things forward in August. After August 17, the Sun moves in its own sign of Leo, prompting to move forward. It might work or the other factors may prevent it – we have to be careful not acting hastily because of frustration and impatience and we need to learn how to go with the flow.

Last but not least, the theme for this full moon is to “listen”. This is a period when one can listen to other people, to one’s inner voice, and to things we cannot hear. It is also a good period for subtle energy work.

This full moon is also called “Guru Purnima” (Guru is teacher, Purnima is full moon in Sanskrit). This is a day to respect the teacher. Teachers have a lineage of teachers behind them. Please send your gratitude to your teachers, to the sages, and to whomever teaches you something. The learning will go even deeper. Om Shanti.