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August 13, 2015


The next new moon will happen on August 14, 2015.

For the past couple of weeks, some of us may have been experiencing issues on the love/emotions/pride front, delays in what we try to achieve, or situations where our monetary/material values are tested. For example, any past issues with loved ones or partners may resurface, we can also become more worried or more emotional than usual/necessary, we may be concerned we may not have enough money or material things… In such case, we first have to find out whether the issue is real or unfounded as it may happen only in our mind.

The period from mid-August till mid-September may be a tricky one as on the one-hand we may be pulled to move forward and do something big and creative, and on the other hand we can experience circumstances that nail us down. This new moon may give us the opportunity to dig deep within us where we would not have thought it possible, but at the same time we may feel grumpy/upset/worried and we might spew venom to ourselves or to the others. Do take care in communicating positively with the others and always come back to compassion. Everything that happens is there for a reason so we can review circumstances and situations. Easier said than done, but please live in the moment, do not become too impatient and breathe deeply! Om Shanti.