August 29, 2015


The next full moon will happen on 29 August at 18h35UTC in Shatabishak Nakshatra.
Human beings tend to believe that things are permanent. The Buddha taught that impermanence is an inescapable reality for anything on earth. The water of the river we see today is not the water we saw yesterday. Change is unavoidable but to a certain degree, we all suffer when things – that were going fine until then – are forced to change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if relationships or good health could last forever? However change will happen one way or another. When we resist change, actually we make it worse as change will unfortunately happen anyway. Believing that all is well and wearing blinkers will not help because we are merely delaying change for a short time and the force driving the change will become stronger.
It may not be an easy thing to do, but it is important to remain flexible and welcome change, because any change carry seeds for improvement. Some hints on how to remain flexible and welcome change may be indicated by this full moon. The next set of new moon and full moon will be eclipses, bringing change on a deeper level. Thinking about change may be a preparation for the upcoming eclipses. May this full moon bring light to heal the scars and encourage feelings of contentment. Om Shanti.