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May 17, 2019



The next Full Moon will happen on May 18, 2019 at 9.11pm UTC in Scorpio.
The degree of this Full Moon is 3 degrees Scorpio which happens to be the debilitation degree of the Moon, so people may feel more sensitive or more emotional than usual.

I have been repeating that 2019 is a year of letting go.
There are many things to let go of, and one of them is to let go of our worries and fears when the timing comes.

For example, I became interested in astrology when I was 10. I studied on my own to know about myself more but it never occurred to me to do a reading for other people.

But back in 2007 (or 12 years – one Jupiter cycle – ago), Swami Sitaramananda of Sivananda Yoga visited Japan and (because my Jyotish teacher Komilla knew Swami Sita I was introduced and) I translated for her and we were discussing astrology when a few people wanted to know more about their chart – so this is how I started doing readings.

Doing readings entails a big Karmic responsibility. As I was not self-confident, I turned down requests or, unsure of what to do, I prepared a reading for many hours. But once I got past the worries or fears of “not wanting to fail” which is based on ego, what I could start seeing was “how I can use this knowledge to help other people”.

We worry about so many things – we worry about the future, we worry about money, we worry about putting ourselves out there, we worry about being disliked or rejected, we worry about ill health, we worry about having to let go of our “victim” status. There are many kind of worries but to let go, we need to understand what worries are occupying our mind. The things which will happen this year may show what worries us.

Maybe it is not the time to let go or maybe it is not possible to let go just yet, but just being aware definitely helps. Doing what we can, step by step, will go a long way. When the timing comes, something will happen to help us let go of our worries and fear. Transformation is not an easy thing. Whether we will remain attached to it or we will be able to let go is, to a certain extent, our choice.

When something happens, once we go beyond the surface, what is the event telling us? How can we elevate the awareness to use positively in our life?

The period from this sensitive full moon until the new moon in two weeks is a good time to think along those lines. Om Shanti.