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June 1, 2019



The next new moon will happen on June 3, 2019, at 10.03am UTC. It will be in Taurus, where the Moon is strong. The Nakshatra is in Rohini ruled by the Moon, and the 3rd is Monday, so on this new moon, emotions will run high either positively or negatively.

June is the trickiest month in 2019. Since last month already, because of the planetary configuration (Mars/Saturn opposition exactly on the nodal axis), we could have felt frustrated or under pressure, grumpy or upset and felt that things were not moving forward.

When things go right, we tend not to notice much. But once we face adversity, obstacles or restrictions, it helps us realise things we didn’t even notice before. Paying attention to our reaction to things might bring us some important information that will allow us to change. But now is not a timing to force change or try to hastily solve issues. We can keep paying attention but also live every day mindfully. When the water is muddy, we cannot see beyond. But after some time, the water will become clear again. The more we resist, the more we are attached, the more we struggle to steady ourselves, the muddier the water will become. Being assertive may be important, but even if we feel that the other person is wrong, if we can give some space, things may go smoothly.

Especially under these transits, it is important to pay attention to our breath to calm our mind. As our breath may be shallow, please breathe deeply, focusing on abdominal breathing. Pranayama and meditation will be very useful. Also, please eat slowly and gratefully. Om Shanti.