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June 28, 2019



The next New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Ardra Nakshatra, happening at 7.22pm UTC. It will be visible in the South Pacific Ocean and in the South American continent.

Many people have, for example, some anger energy within them.
When there is a trigger, the energy can either go outside and transform into anger or, it can either go inside and we blame ourselves for what happened.
Anger is energy. The universe has what is called the Law of Conservation of Energy, so the energy itself does not disappear, but it is possible to transmute this energy into something less negative.

When one gets irritated or upset, for example, it can be beneficial to clean the house or to go for a walk. If one is physically fit, climbing a mountain or some harder exercise may also work. In any case, it is important to move our body and not to compare with other people because we are not in a competition.

Becoming angry can become a habit, but with some practice, transmuting the energy of anger can also become a habit. Our energy needs constant purification and cleansing. If we can figure out what kind of purification is necessary for us on a daily basis, it will be possible to clean our body and mind when needed. There are hundreds of ways to purify ourselves, such as Yoga, Pranayama or breathing exercise, walking in forests, chanting Mantra, eating clean food, etc. Some we can do ourselves, some we need to ask specialists to do it for us. It would be useful to know what is the best way to purifying ourselves, as it may differ from person to person.

When we continue storing negative energy, it becomes heavier or bigger. And we get attached to it. Fear or anger that we hold tightly in our fist becomes more and more difficult to let go of. If we clean our house regularly, we do not have to do a massive spring cleaning every year, but if we haven’t cleaned it for the past few years or more, we do not know where to start and it may take more time to get rid of what we stored over the years. But with the right intention, everything will become sparkling clean again even if it takes a bit of time. Take it easy, breathe, and don’t try to change everything at once, but try to “clean a little, every day”.

The Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse in two weeks will show us the way forward for transformation. Om Shanti.