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July 16, 2019



The next Full Moon will happen at 9.38pm UTC on July 16, 2019. This Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse, visible in many parts of the world except in the North American continent if weather conditions allow. It is at 29 degrees Sagittarius, Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra.
Reality, as we see it in the outside world, is seen through our personal filter of what we perceive is right and wrong. 2019 is a year that makes us realise many of those filters, but through this process, it may also be challenging to change our mind even if we become aware of them. Somewhere, we might want to keep thinking we are right, or our pride may not want to admit we were wrong. But sometimes we can experience some wonderful things once those filters are cleared.
Last year in September and this year in April, I went to Kenya with a group of brave Japanese people. People around them may have been worried or against their travels. They might have been concerned about their wellbeing. But I’m sure many filters cleared by going there. The exchange with the wonderful Kenyan people made those concerns disappear, and they managed to realise that if we spread love, we are given love in return, as the whole world is just surrounded by love.
Back in March 2001, I visited an international astrology conference for the first time in my life. That conference was in Belgrade, Serbia and it was the First Balkan Astrology Conference. The NATO air forces bombed Belgrade in 1999, so it was just two years after that. Many passionate local people attended the conference and a handful of brave teachers from the UK, US and Australia visited ignoring their family’s advice and concern. I still remember the wall of the buildings with holes from the bombings but the wonderful welcome by the locals.
I looked at the chart back then to look for reasons why I went. Rahu was in Gemini and Ketu was in Sagittarius. That specific nodal cycle is now over, and a new one is beginning. I have managed to get rid of a few filters in the past 19 years, still many to discover and transcend. Just how many will I be able to shed in the next 19 years?
Last time Rahu was in Gemini and Ketu was in Sagittarius was from July 2000 to February 2002. How much have you learned since then? Haven’t you come a long way? And aren’t you consciously or unconsciously blocking what you always wanted to do or what you wanted to learn? This lunar eclipse is good timing to think along those lines. Not necessarily the best timing to start anything, just go deep within to look for those signs, then they will blossom when the time comes. Om Shanti.