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February 22, 2016


The next full moon will happen at 18h20 UTC on February 22nd.
Putting aside any theoretical concept such as Advaita for now, the world is made of one’s “self” and the others (the society in the broad sense). Generally, people live and work while trying to maintain a balance between the self and society.

When that balance shifts towards the individual, we need to pay attention to ego getting stronger. When that balance goes more towards society, we can lose our sense of self and the others and/or work can take too much weight and that can impact the healthy definition of the self. Everybody strives to maintain a balance, and from now until September 2017, we will be asked to reevaluate how we can work on and improve this balance.

How to establish a healthy self without becoming egotistical? And how to use the self to contribute to society while maintaining a reasonable balance between the self and the world at large? Do we need to heal ourselves more or transform ourselves to do so? This full moon and the coming fortnight will give us clues about this. March will be a month of eclipses, bringing transformation where necessary. Preparing this phase will be most useful during the upcoming two weeks. Om Shanti.